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The Coolman Series

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Fast and silly books inspired by ’80s action movies!

THE COOLMAN SERIES – A quick and entertaining ode to ’80s action movies.

He was all action and no talk. Now his talk is making him question his actions.

Coolman is living his best life as a bona fide action hero, waving his gun all over Beam City while blasting vintage techno from the speakers of his Camaro. He’s certain everyone loves him for it.

But Coolman’s whole identity starts to crumble when his best friend, Peter, is killed by the Geeked Gangsters: a group of jailbirds he thought he could drop with a flip-flop.

When Coolman goes rogue, he realizes that the geeks have ties to the FBI and that Triggerland is going to shit. Even worse, he starts doubting whether he’s the cold-hearted badass he always believed himself to be.

It’s time to find out whether an old action hero can learn new tricks. Triggerland depends on it!

About the series

Sit back and enjoy a quick and entertaining ode to ’80s action movies. A pastiche that brings back kitschy fights and gonzo dialogue, the Coolman series packs cringy but unforgettable one-liners into bite-sized reads. You can tell it’s written by a guy who loves the ’80s, is from the ’80s, and isn’t too ceremonious to admit that he really is just some guy-dude.

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Coolman and the Evil Drug Lord

Most Popular Song Right Now: Space Cop

All my Coolman books have a music theme that you can rock out to – with new stories, funny lyrics, and cool beats. Right now, people are going crazy for Space Cop. Be careful when you listen. Soon, you’ll be singing “We’re going to the moon, going to the moon, I am a Space Cop” on repeat.

Sam Guydude Entertainment - Portrait

The Man, the Myth, the Legend!

Nobody knows who the self-published author Sam Guydude is. We just know that he’s a writer who wants the world to be awesome again – by providing completely new stories with a nod to the past.

Action Stories – What Genre Is That?

Are you wondering what genre Sam Guydude loves? Well, you’re in luck. On the page below you can read exactly what the action story genre is all about.

The Blog – Latest News and Thoughts

If you need a good chuckle, want to step inside Sam Guydude’s head for a moment, and find free stories, the blog is the place to go. This is also where Sam Guydude shares news about his projects (aside from the newsletter).

The coolMANUAL – Encyclopedia of Triggerland and its citizens

The coolMANUAL is where you can enjoy a complete description of every character, location, and concept in the Coolman series – with new funny details.