Official songs by Sam Guydude

Featuring Ryan Whyte Maloney

Listen to the Coolman theme song!

Coolman Theme Song

Coolman a real badass cop. He finds the criminals and blows ‘em up.

Listen to The Bluest Steel!

The Bluest Steel

There’s a blue team looking after you. Wee-oooo, wee-oooo.

Listen to A Cop in Prison!

A Cop in Prison

I always thought I was only a simple cop. Just a lonely man of steel.

Listen to Cops and Crime!

Cops and Crime

Me and Bill come from different places. I’m a cop, and he loves to rob and steal.

Listen to Doughnuts Are Great!

Doughnuts Are Great

Yeah, you know what makes my day? Doughnuts, doughnuts are so great.

Play Space Cop

Space Cop

Going to the moon. Going to the moon. I am a space cop.

Listen to Tick-Tock


Time! It’s gonna be bad, if we don’t get back in Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock . . .

Listen to Killer Girl

Killer Girl

Yeah, she’s having a ball. And also a stick. Sometimes a hand. A screaming kid.

Listen to Pick a Weapon

Pick a Weapon

Pick a weapon. Pick a weapon. Pick a weapon. Pick a weapon. Pick a weapon.

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Grab those aviator sunglasses, style that perm, start the police car, and listen to these songs from the Coolman series. Coolman and his friends are waiting!

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