Action Story

What Is an Action Story?

Action stories are known for their rich use of action and momentum. The characters are non-complex and there is a clear line between good and evil.

A wide variety of action is used. Hand-to-hand combat, shootouts, use of weaponry, and warfare. There might be car chases, rescues, and kidnapping – and there is usually a great face-off in the end between the good and the bad guy.

The enjoyment of action stories comes through the fast pacing and the constant threats posed to the main characters. But it also comes from the exaggeration, the ability to escape to another world where danger and wild scenarios play out on a massive scale, providing a change of scenery from the reader’s everyday life (hopefully).

The fact that action stories are often rather uncomplicated makes them for an easy – and sometimes nostalgic – read that provides a great break from a busy schedule. And that is exactly what Sam Guydude wants to provide his readers. Some good and easy entertainment.

Example of a Subgenre

The Police drama, which the Coolman books are an example of, is a subgenre of the action story. As the phrase implies, the story unfolds in a universe where crime is at the center and where the main characters work in the police force or an environment with the law in focus. Not saying that policemen and -women are inherently good in this genre. The opposite may be the fact sometimes.

Example of an Action Story Scene

He stole a car. He raced down Hann Dover Street. If only he could make it to the woods, he might have a chance.

Bullets hit the tires. The rear window splintered. A helicopter roared above him.

“The woods,” he whispered. “Come on. Just half a mile left.”

A shell exploded next to him. The car nearly turned over. Driving on the two left wheels, he avoided the tank in front of him.

“Nearly there,” he said. “Come on.”

A massive explosion sent the stolen car flying through the air. It tumbled, catching fire.

His hair was burning, his boots melting. He jumped out, avoiding certain death as the car crashed into a tree.

Coolman and the Evil Drug Lord
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