Coolman and the Pink Invasion (Book 2)

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He loves her in pink. But this is not the pink fit he wished for.

It’s a regular day at Beam City mall. Coolman is out buying beer, when a desperate scream sounds from a lingerie shop.

Coolman knows his way around tight situations, but what he faces in the shop enflames his old cop instincts. A half-naked woman is tearing meat off an innocent guy, and just before Coolman drops her, there’s a weird shine in her eyes.

When Coolman spots the same peculiarity on his girlfriend, Amanda, he fears something evil is brewing in Triggerland – something that will test both his heart and his ability to use that new Doomsday Revolver the chief gave him.

And he’s right. Within 24 hours, pink-eyed maniacs are tearing whole cities apart. And Amanda is gone.

Coolman And The Pink Invasion is the second book in the series. Find the other books here.

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The Coolman Series

– Fast and silly books inspired by ’80s action movies

Sit back and enjoy a quick and entertaining ode to ’80s action movies. A pastiche that brings back kitschy fights and gonzo dialogue, the Coolman series packs cringy but unforgettable one-liners into bite-sized reads. You can tell it’s written by a guy who loves the ’80s, is from the ’80s, and isn’t too ceremonious to admit that he really is just some guy-dude.

Book Cover

Coolman And The Pink Invasion Book Cover
Coolman And The Pink Invasion Book Cover

Book Details

  • Title: Coolman and the Pink Invasion
  • Theme song: The Bluest Steel
  • Author: Sam Guydude
  • Published: 2023
  • Versions:
    • ISBN 978-87-94351-04-1 (E-Book edition)
    • ISBN 978-87-94351-05-8 (Paperback edition)
    • ISBN 978-87-94351-15-7 (Hardcover edition)
  • Chapters: 20
  • Genre: Humor, Comedy, Satire, Dark comedy, Action, Police stories, Retro entertainment, Indie books, Absurdity
  • Target Audience: Awesome people
  • Tagline: One helluva drug
  • Main Characters: Coolman, Amanda, Heather Heartbreaker, The Chief, Bazooka Bill, Dynamite Daisy, The Secret Sheep Man
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