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Our one-million-man (minus 999,999) press team loves working with journalists from around the world to share funny and awesome stories. If you’re from the media and would like to talk, please reach out to the appropriate department (or choose anyone, really).

Only media inquiries will receive a response. If you’re from the FBI or the CIA, this site will self-destruct in five, four, three, two… oh, who am I kidding? Sam Guydude Entertainment is forever!

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About Sam Guydude Entertainment

Sam Guydude Entertainment is a company that produces fun content that focuses primarily on cops and crime. There are books, music, and merchandise.

The books and the lyrics are written by Sam Guydude himself. To help make the music, the videos, and the artwork come alive, he has hired skilled talents from the appropriate industries.

Sam Guydude has a dream:

“My biggest wish is that James Gunn will one day turn my universe into a movie or a TV show. Someone should definitely reach out to him and present the case.”

– Sam Guydude

Company Size

1 employee, but he works like ten horses (if that’s a good thing!)

Office Location

In front of a PC, often wearing sweatpants and a dirty shirt.


The company was born in 1982, I mean founded in 1982.

Company Statistics

I can tell you one thing. They’re pretty nice!

Noteworthy Media Mentions

“hi Sam your your youtube channel is very good but need many updates. if you want I can help you”

Facebook User

“Some Gay Dude”

Tik Tok User

“That’s it, I’m fully ACAP”

Twitter User

Media Assets

If you find a picture or something else (see shop, music, and books, for instance), you would like to use for an article, just reach out to Sam Guydude through the contact information above.

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