Coolman and the Stolen Spaceship (Book 4)

Coolman 4 - Paperback

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It’s the most advanced vessel in the world. Only the world’s biggest idiot can take it down.

Coolman and the chief are sent to guard a spaceport in Castle Desert. Some loon is threatening to steal the Dolus, the biggest spaceship mankind has ever created.

At first, the threat seems like a stupid joke, but when the Dolus suddenly takes off—without astronauts inside—Coolman realizes the threat is very real. Even worse, he learns that the Dolus carries a secret doomsday weapon.

There is only one thing left to do. Coolman and the chief must team up with astronauts and pursue the Dolus in an old and battered space vessel. But will they make it in time before Earth is blown up? And who is this motherfucker who stole the Dolus?

It’s time to punch those boosters and start blowing up some space shit!

Coolman and the Stolen Spaceship is the fourth book in the series. Find the other books here.

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The Coolman Series

– Fast and silly books inspired by ’80s action movies

Sit back and enjoy a quick and entertaining ode to ’80s action movies. A pastiche that brings back kitschy fights and gonzo dialogue, the Coolman series packs cringy but unforgettable one-liners into bite-sized reads. You can tell it’s written by a guy who loves the ’80s, is from the ’80s, and isn’t too ceremonious to admit that he really is just some guy-dude.

Book Cover

Coolman and the Stolen Spaceship Book Cover
Coolman and the Stolen Spaceship Cover

Book Details

  • Title: Coolman and the Stolen Spaceship
  • Theme song: Space Cop
  • Author: Sam Guydude
  • Published: 2023
  • Versions:
    • ISBN 978-87-94351-10-2 (E-Book edition)
    • ISBN 978-87-94351-11-9 (Paperback edition)
    • ISBN 978-87-94351-17-1 (Hardcover edition)
  • Chapters: 20
  • Genre: Humor, Comedy, Satire, Dark comedy, Action, Police stories, Retro entertainment, Indie books, Absurdity
  • Target Audience: Awesome people
  • Tagline: Get outer my space!
  • Main Characters: Coolman, Amanda, The Chief, Bazooka Bill, Mr. Gaffer, Kimmy Kalm, Bob the Genius, Bella Betrayer, Lars Lemming
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