Five Star Rating of Sam Guydude's books

Leave a Review and Help a Writer

A quick way to help out a writer after having enjoyed a book is to leave a review. It’s not just Sam Guydude who appreciates this, but every writer out there. A review helps other readers find the author’s books. It gives a boost to visibility in most marketplaces. And it gives new readers an idea of what they’re going to get.

There is more to it, though. Some platforms for marketing require that books have a certain amount of reviews before accepting them. Some booksellers only start highlighting the books once the books have enough reviews. There are algorithms at play. And there are, of course, those brilliant moments when a reader leaves a review that can be used as a helpful testimony in an advertisement or a poster at a book fair.

Overall, reviews help. Honest reviews by actual readers. Long or short – it all counts.

Where can I review the books?

The simple answer is: where you bought it. If it was on Amazon, that’s the answer. Kobo, Apple, and Google might be other answers.

And then there’s the good old Goodreads. Or Sam Guydude’s Facebook Page.

Any effort you put into this is highly appreciated. And it really does matter.

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