coolMANUAL - Camaro


It was night. Coolman was sitting in the Camaro with Amanda. They were sharing a bottle of whisky.

Coolman and the Evil Drug Lord (Book 1)

The Camaro is Coolman’s favorite vehicle. He has fitted large speakers in the trunk and drives around with the windows open, delighting his neighbors with old-school techno and ’80s pop. Oh, how people enjoy his taste in music and waking up in the middle of the night when he honks, drinks, and shouts with joy to the rhythm of 2 Unlimited while revving the engine. What a vehicle, what a guy.

He takes care of the Camaro as if it were his baby and gets sad when his dog, Killer, tears the leather apart – which happens on a frequent basis. But on the other hand, Killer spreads joy as well, when it sticks its head out the window and sends drool into the faces of passer-bys. Or when it snatches an ice cream from a child – hand included.

Lucky neighborhood, blessed by living next to a rabid dog and a techno lover. If only there were more people like Coolman in the world.

Books with the Camaro

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