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Motorcycle Shops

Bazooka Bill laughed hysterically as the flames reached for the chopper, and motorcycle parts flew in all directions. Coolman couldn’t help but smile either.

Coolman and the Evil Drug Lord (Book 1)

Motorcycle shops play a central role in the Coolman series. There’s always something suspicious going on around those places. Whether it be men in leather jackets and denim making a bloody noise with those shiny chrome choppers. Or women wearing sunglasses and enjoying a moment of freedom on a Sunday afternoon.

Oh heck, that actually sounds rather awesome. Excuse me for a moment, I need to find that playlist with “Born to Be Wild” and “Fortunate Son”.

NO! Stop yourself, Sam. You are being lured into Geeked Gangster territory. You know very well that gangsters use motorcycle shops as evil lairs whenever they get a chance. Selling drugs, and weapons, and running criminal operations.

At least we know of one instance where that might have happened, and that’s enough for Coolman to start a war on all motorcycles in Triggerland. No need for more proof – he’s not a silly bureaucrat.

Besides, Coolman is the one who’s supposed to rev the engine of his Camaro and look awesome. Don’t steal his spotlight. It’s just mean.


Books with Motorcycle Shops

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