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Mr. Gaffer

“Wait!” Mr. Gaffer took a deep breath. “You guys need to hear this. I think you might be the only ones I can trust.”

Coolman and the Stolen Spaceship (Book 4)

Mr. Gaffer, or Coot Caffer, is the chief astronaut at the spaceport in Castle Desert. Known for his tonsure and hysterical manners, he’s both easy to mock and easy to get fired by. He’s a decent leader, though, and does what is necessary to make a mission succeed – whether it’s bringing some crazy dudes on a spaceship because the astronauts need protection, or mingling with politicians to make sure the spaceport support the greater good. Mr. Gaffer knows Madam President personally, which does help at times.

The worst that could happen to Mr. Gaffer would be if someone stole the biggest spaceship in Castle Desert, one that might even contain a dangerous secret. So let’s pray that doesn’t happen.

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