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“It’s called Pink-Eye,” the dude finally said. “Been selling it ’cause I had to. I owed my employer some money. But shit’s crazy. Makes people go berserk.”

Coolman and the Pink Invasion (Book 2)

Pink-Eye is a term for being high on the so-called Pink-Eye pill, the most dangerous drug that Triggerland has ever seen. In the beginning, a Pink-Eye addict just feels a lovely sensation when taking the pills, but gradually the individual’s state of mind deteriorates until the person suddenly snaps. The individual goes berzerk on everyone around, killing and maiming, and happily carrying body parts around to use as weapons during the next showdown.

Come to think of it, that sounds like my last Tinder date. Oh gosh, good thing that I have finally settled down and had kids with a lovely woman. Now I only have two small critters to worry about, running around and destroying everything. But they’re small. They can’t cause that much havoc, can they?

Oh, wait – they grow up?


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