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Pop Songs Coolman Loves

Oh, how the Camaro roared as he pulled out of the driveway and onto Hann Dover Street. He put on some good old techno and rolled the windows down. “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” soon invigorated the neighborhood.

Coolman and the Evil Drug Lord (Book 1)

It’s no secret that Coolman loves the good old songs from the ’80s and ’90s. In fact, it’s the only songs that he wants to listen to as if he’s somehow caught in a time loop, unable to move onward or mature in any way.

And that’s perfect, because who would ever want to leave that wonderful era? An era of synthpop and neon lights. Of depression and poisonous plastic toys. Everything was wonderful back then, and everything’s gone downhill since. Right?

Anyway, in case you’ve been wondering, these are the awesome pop songs that are mentioned in the Coolman books, with a few samples from YouTube below:

Coolman’s Favorite ’80s Pop Songs

  • “Are ‘Friends’ Electric” – Coolman 1, chapter 5
  • “Together in Electric Dreams” – Coolman 1, chapter 15
  • “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything” – Coolman 1, chapter 20
  • “Pump Up the Jam” – Coolman 2, chapter 9
  • “Bust a Move”, Coolman 2, chapter 9
  • “Fuk Da Police”, Coolman 3, chapter 1
  • “No Limit”, Coolman 3, chapter 4
  • “Hot For Teacher”, Coolman 3, chapter 15
  • “U Got 2 Let the Music”, Coolman 3, chapter 20
  • “No UFO’s”, Coolman 4, chapter 19
  • “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”, Coolman 4, chapter 20
  • “Cool Night”, Coolman 5, chapter 1
  • “Rock Me Amadeus”, Coolman 5, chapter 13
  • “Tonight I Celebrate My Love”, Coolman 5, chapter 20

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