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The Dominator Project

The madam? But I kind of assumed that she approved this Dominator Project.

Coolman and the Stolen Spaceship (Book 4)

The Dominator Project is a classified endeavor initiated by Triggerland’s government and military. Not even Coolman knows about its details – and if he did, he likely wouldn’t understand it either way. It’s some political shit, some technical shit as well. Stuff that doesn’t really interest a cool guy like him. Like space, gravity, and other scientific mysteries. He hardly studies the law though he’s a cop, so how should he be able to understand the laws of physics?

Well, there is one particular scientific mystery he would like to understand: How the hell does the TV remote always find its way into the crevices of his sofa? After three seconds of watching ’80s action movies, BANG! – the remote is gone. And after half an hour searching for it, BANG! – there it is, in the deepest void of the love seat, having somehow wiggled its way into eternity.

When scientists can explain how that happens, Coolman will listen to their crap. And only then.

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