Coolmanual - The Doomsday Revolver

The Doomsday Revolver

Look how shiny it is. So much metal. It’s practically a goddamn cannon.

Coolman and the Pink Invasion (Book 2)

The Doomsday Revolver is Coolman’s favorite gun. Well, that’s an understatement. It’s practically the son, Coolman never got. Or that’s an understatement too, because even if Coolman should become a father (you never know), this would still be his favorite baby. It’s harsh, I know, but how could any living being compete with this magnificent wonder? They can’t and that’s the exact point. It’s twenty pounds of death. Three feet long. Shoots big-game rifle bullets. Hell, this is starting to sound like the beginning of a steamy romance book, that’s how sexy that thing is.

This reminds me of the good old times when I used to repair TVs and those unfortunate, rich women surprisingly didn’t have any money handy. I usually rang the bell, ready to do my honest work, and then suddenly, a naked…

… STOP IT, SAM! We’re talking about the Doomsday Revolver here, not you hurrying to Walmart to buy clothes for the freezing and confused customers!

Where were we? Oh yeah, the Doomsday Revolver. A gun that can blow up a moped with one shot, take down a motorcycle shop with a few rounds, and can only be wielded by a strong guy like Coolman. The only problem might be its precision. If a criminal stands next to three civilians, they’ll all perish. That, my friends, is why you shouldn’t stand next to criminals. Or get too close to Coolman. In fact, it’s best to just stay at home. But please wear some clothes. There are too many confused repairmen running around out there.

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