coolMANUAL - The Gangster President

The Gangster President

“We have been campaigning for ten years. Buying off the police. Buying off the feds.”

Coolman and the Evil Drug Lord (Book 1)

The gangster president (or the evil drug lord) is a villain who works in the shadows, runs secret operations through his network of Geeked Gangsters, and has a psychopathic goal of taking over the entire Triggerland.

Funny, how the word “president” is in his title. What if someone took that literally and thought we were talking about the actual president of Triggerland? That bearded dude who hasn’t really accomplished anything great and mostly just sounds like a robot during broadcasts?

Nah, those a two different things. You don’t want to give that kind of power to a criminal. That would be insane.

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