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Wanda – Peter’s Wife

“It’s time you accepted this. Wanda was a loser, and she treated you like shit.”

Coolman and the Evil Drug Lord (Book 1)

Wanda is – or rather was – Peter’s wife. A terrible woman who blabbered constantly, was mean to poor Peter, and left him with no regret after 15 years of marriage. Peter should be happy, but he’s not. The woman has taken away all his self-respect and he still longs for her constant punishment.

At least that’s how Coolman sees it, and he has tried helping Peter a bunch of times by shedding an objective and helpful light on the subject. “Wanda was a loser”, he tells Peter like a true therapist. “An ugly, stupid, mean, childish, selfish, uninteresting, unflattering, indecent, disgusting, smelling, mischievous, unfunny, tiresome, lazy, ill-tempered loser.”

But Peter is not too sure. He just remembers a beautiful woman who made him feel whole. Besides, he’s not convinced Coolman is that objective. Coolman hardly even knew Wanda. Coolman’s biggest love is the Doomsday Revolver, which he uses to shoot criminals and unlucky pedestrians who get in the way.

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