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“Calm down, honey. We’ve gone through this already. It’s just a party. Remember those evenings, doing shrooms with the chief?”

Coolman and the Secret Assassin (Book 3)

Amanda is a cop at Beam City Police Station. She likes to steal her colleagues’ doughnuts, enjoys a good fight, and is without a doubt the most skilled with a machete.

The others admire her IQ, for she is the only one with an IQ higher than that of a jelly-filled piece of dough. This unfortunately doesn’t help her steer the others in a more sensible direction, for every cop at Beam City Police Station is immune to good advice. As they should be because blabber and sense only help the criminals get away. And even if they accidentally shoot an innocent dude, you never know if that dude would have ended up doing a crime later on. He likely would.

Amanda is a nice-looking gal, with amber skin, long dark hair, and brown eyes. She is good friends with Coolman – sometimes a little “more” than just a good friend. Who knows where those two will end up?

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