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“I’m Coolman. The best cop in the fucking world.”

Coolman and the Evil Drug Lord (Book 1)

Coolman is an unbeatable policeman who uses any means to fight crime, potential crime, or sometimes just things that seem suspicious. He likes to practice his shooting from his balcony in Beam City, and he’s pretty sure the neighbors enjoy his proactive approach and his effort to stay sharp.

Coolman has thousands of enemies, but the biggest one might be himself, as some jesters like to postulate. When you hate the idea of thinking and talking and prefer to take action instead, the results may vary and a bomb might explode at the wrong time. Coolman handles this with a grin, but his superior at Beam City Police Station, the chief, doesn’t.

Luckily, Coolman has Amanda to keep him down to earth. Unless she’s drunk and makes everything worse. And he has good friends like Bazooka Bill who cheers him up with drugs and shootouts when things are too boring.

What an awesome life Coolman is having. And it’s good he’s able to stay so positive, when things go wrong and Triggerland needs saving – because it happens on a regular basis.

There’s only one thing that makes Coolman sad: thinking about a dear friend he once lost. This sad event is the only real threat that forces him to look in the mirror and see something different than the strong, red-headed action hero, he likes to see. It annoys him like hell, the distant voice that whispers he might need to think about his actions.

Coolman’s name has always followed him. In fact, he looked so cool already at birth that his mother had no other choice but to put a pair of wayfarers on him and give him a denim diaper.

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