coolMANUAL - The Chief

“I’m not saying you should trust them. I’m just saying we need to kill those crazy drug addicts. And our department sure doesn’t have the intel for the job.”

Coolman and the Pink Invasion (Book 2)

The chief is the head of Beam City Police Station. Showcasing a beautiful moustache and a mullet, this cool guy spends most of his trying to control the crazy cops around him – and more importantly: prevent them from stealing his beloved doughnuts.

The chief is a warm fellow though, almost a father figure for most of his guys. When things go south, he protects his troops. Particularly so, when the frigging FBI tries to meddle with their affairs. And should a cop start to lose his mind, the chief is ready with some alternative therapy.

The chief is particularly good friends with Coolman, even outside the station. Rumors say that they might even be related somehow and that the chief played an important part in Coolman’s path to becoming the world’s best cop.

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