coolMANUAL - Dynamite Daisy

Dynamite Daisy

“Fuck it, I’m in. But we’ll do this my way.”

Coolman and the Evil Drug Lord (Book 1)

Dynamite Daisy used to be a demolition expert. Now she’s a politician, but still rather short-fused. She likes to be in charge. She’s pretty suspicious of everyone around her. And she’s pretty tired of men like Coolman who run away because of her strength and strong opinions.

With long blond hair and freckles, she has long caught the attention of the joker, Bazooka Bill. But he’s way too stupid and irrational for her – at least that’s what she keeps telling herself. But when Coolman and the team suddenly need her help to save Triggerland, things might finally get out of Dynamite Daisy’s control.

And she might finally enjoy that fact.

Books with Dynamite Daisy

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