coolMANUAL - Heather Heartbreaker

Heather Heartbreaker

“You do know how I got my name, right?”

Coolman and the Pink Invasion (Book 2)

Heather Heartbreaker is an FBI chief, known for her ways around a gun and her high standards for her troops. In fact, her standards are so high that she often ends up handling the dirty work herself – like taking down a couple of drug dealers now and then when things go too slowly.

With this approach, she’s the first G-man who earns Coolman’s respect. And with her neat and polished outside – a dark-haired beauty ready for a stock photo shoot of women in the force – she also earns his gaze now and then, particularly when he finds out that a wild ember is lurking beneath it all.

But Coolman needs to be a bit careful. Heather’s name didn’t just come by accident.

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