coolMANUAL - Killer


Killer pointed his nose at the mailbox. The mailman’s glove lay there, torn to pieces.

Coolman and the Evil Drug Lord (Book 1)

Killer is Coolman’s beloved dog. And it has earned that name. Big as a mountain, and vicious as hell, it has helped Coolman on several missions. And Coolman loves his furry friend, even when it tears up the seats in his car. Or when it leaves interesting presents in the neighbors’ gardens. Hell, it even bit off the mailman’s arm once, but luckily the doctors were able to reattach it, and Killer got a treat from Coolman for at least being progressive. The mailman is still a bit angry, but hey, shit happens.

Coolman couldn’t imagine a life without Killer. So hopefully the dear beast will stay with him forever…

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