coolMANUAL - Killer Two

Killer Two

He looked at Killer Two. The dog was now standing in an actual lake of drool, still staring. Boy, was that dog stupid.

Coolman and the Pink Invasion (Book 2)

Killer Two is Coolman’s second dog. He bought this Great Dane in Beam City Mall. He was a bit drunk, but still thought the dog was a good deal.

It seems, however, that the beast’s preferred activity is to stand in its own piss and drool, always staring at Amanda. Amanda’s not too fond of that and wants the dog gone, but Coolman is convinced that the dog just needs some training. Killing some criminals would make anyone a more sensible being.

It’s not too easy, though, as the dog seems stubborn as hell, as were it convinced that Amanda was up to something bad. But she’s a cop. She would never betray Coolman. Would she?

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