coolMANUAL - Short Man Johnson

Short Man Johnson

“Well, if it isn’t goddamn Short Man Johnson himself. You can’t miss that gnarled face, that stubby figure.”

Coolman and the Evil Drug Lord (Book 1)

Short Man Johnson is a little ugly, leprechaun-looking dude. God, is he awful to look at, little mofo strutting around the G-men’s headquarters, annoying the hell out of everyone. Sounds like a VHS tape gone bananas, smells like dog poo rolled in some poisonous toad flux and simply is a disgusting human being.

At least that’s what comes to Coolman’s mind when he thinks about his old nemesis from the police academy. There are few people Coolman despises like this, and he has sworn never to lay eyes on that little bastard again. And if he one day needs to, he’s gonna make sure the leprechaun freak regrets it.

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