coolMANUAL - The Dolus

The Dolus

Then a lightning strike gave a glimpse of the monstrosity. High as a skyscraper, the thrusters bigger than most water towers—it was the Dolus, the biggest exploration vessel humanity had ever created.

Coolman and the Stolen Spaceship (Book 4)

The Dolus is a bigass spaceship that sits in Castle Desert Spaceport, ready for some nerdy astronauts to begin an important mission that Coolman couldn’t care less about. Yeah, it’s the biggest spaceship in the world. Yeah, they created that thing with the laws of physics, and now they need the idiots of the law to protect it, but really, who would be able to steal that monstrosity anyway?

It must all be a weird joke to make Coolman and the chief do some unnecessary overtime. And that Dominator Project that’s supposed to be connected to the spaceship – no one knows what it is, except that it sounds like something from a bad science fiction movie, right?

Take it easy, everybody. Nothing bad’s gonna happen in good old Castle Desert.

Hah! Thieves stealing the biggest spaceship in the world, supposedly carrying a dangerous contraption – you must be kidding me!

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