coolMANUAL - The Penetrator

The Penetrator

The Penetrator can’t take much more. We’re already lucky we’re still in one piece.

Coolman and the Stolen Spaceship (Book 4)

The Penetrator is a rusty spaceship that has long retired from its Castle Desert Spacesport missions. Once a testament to mankind’s scientific endeavors, now a lump of metal that can hardly compete with a ’90s modem in speed and design.

It will never fly again, will it? I mean, now the astronauts have that fancy Dolus that’s 10 times bigger and 10 times more advanced. Only in a severe emergency will they have to revive that old Penetrator. And should they manage to start it again, it might just explode and kill everyone.

Unless that old crap might be a better machine than most remember. A friend in need. A historic artifact that might again make history.

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