Coolman 6 Has Just Been Released

Oh yeah!!! Coolman and the Existential Crisis is officially released! That’s right. Dig out your old denim jacket. Put on your Wayfarers. It’s time for some uncompromising and zany ‘80s-inspired action.

I’m back, baby. With a new book. Coolman Six. It’s out there. It’s living. It’s wreaking havoc in the comfy book world. Bringing back the ’80s, bringing back the silly one-liners. Watch out, it’s coming for you.

Coolman is in trouble. Something evil is brewing inside him. Feelings. Scruples. He suddenly has a hard time killing criminals – his favorite activity for God’s sake. He’s thinking about their families. Their backstory. And whether they have a little cat that’s gonna be left alone.

Coolman’s friends are in a bad mood. They don’t like this new Mr. Goody Two-Shoes. And they’re gonna get their old friend back. By any means. Rail guns. Dogs on drugs. Showdowns with circus clowns. It’s gonna be madness.

You’re not ready for this. No, no, no, just go back to work. Fire up that deep fat fryer. Listen to your colleague extend a two-hour meeting with a silly question. It’s much safer. This book is not safe. It’s dangerous.

Oh no. I’m starting to sound like Coolman!

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