I Have the Best Readers!

Hi friends

I’m just taking a moment in the workshop, thinking about the last year. I want to thank you guys for showing interest in and buying into, the Coolman series. It’s been a long process, and it’s been a daunting task trying to find readers who enjoy action spoofs in the written form.

Now you guys are starting to throw nice words at me, and I’m a bit stunned. I had a blast writing these books, but I also had this fear that no one would get the humor and the irony behind it all. Now I’m suddenly finding fellows out there, and it feels better than I could have imagined.

Reading my silly blurbs, you might not have guessed it, but I’ve been close to getting two serious works published in the past. Really damn close. I squeezed the last drop of energy out of myself, trying to get there. The Coolman series is a reaction to all that. I needed some time to just have fun writing and adding all the silly stuff I was afraid of adding earlier. Going to the edge and beyond.

This is the first time I’ve been able to express myself personally about the project, and it has everything to do with the reactions and feedback I’ve received over the last two weeks, so thank you all for that.

Now, please get out of here and go do some silly stuff. And remember: Don’t take the world too seriously.

Your comedy action friend.

Sam Guydude

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