I’ve lost a tooth, but the kids keep life exciting

Dear friends,

A lot is happening these days. The kids think they’re grown-ups. The management at my day job thinks they’re children. I’ve cracked a tooth because I’m getting damn old – and soon to be damn broke, as a new tooth costs more than our home. On the flip side, I’ve had the joy of witnessing our eldest son put a dent in the car because he was mad for ten seconds – so there are upsides too, one must remember.

Well, that means it’s been a while since I’ve given an update on my projects. Because things are still moving along, indeed. I’ve had to put the “social” media aside a bit and focus on what’s most important, which is completing a bunch of content.

This means, among other things, that:

  • The Coolman books are now available in hardcover (paid link)
  • Coolman 5 is on its way (probably in about a month)
  • A secret project is nearing completion
  • My merchandise is now also available on Amazon (search for “Sam Guydude”)
  • And I’ve released two new songs

The most concrete news is probably about the two new songs. One is called “Killer Girl” and it’s about Coolman’s “better half,” who behaves somewhat strangely at times. The other is titled “Pick a Weapon,” and it’s about Coolman’s love for weapons of all kinds – and his tendency to hesitate when considering the most effective way to take down a criminal.

If you’d like to lend a hand, feel free to listen to “Pick a Weapon” on your preferred music service, all the way to the end if you can. The song has just been released, and the interest in the first week could help spread it wider.

Oh, it’s a bit tough not to spill the beans about my secret project. But it’s probably best to wait. I can tell you that it’s still something fun – in the spirit of Sam Guydude – but at the same time, it’s becoming a bit more serious. I’m excited!

And oh, by the way, I’ve been digging into the archives and added a couple of posts to the blog. Some I’ve had on my computer for a while, others are more recent. People have particularly enjoyed this post where I test if alcohol makes me a better writer. Or that time when I had to bike home from work and met the world’s nicest man. Some have also winced reading about the worst thing that’s ever happened in my life (warning: NOT for the faint-hearted).

And if you’re truly nerdy, I’ve shared a theoretical section about science fiction, which I was incredibly fascinated by during my higher education.

In general, I hope to get the blog running a bit more because it’s actually nice to clear out one’s thoughts in that way. And it’s something different from sharing a ten-second meme video with the “Makeba” song, although I must admit that song is darn catchy. You know it’s catchy when the kids spin around themselves for three minutes straight, looking like zombie robots being controlled by a drone operator who’s set the joystick on autopilot.

Well, that’s it! Have a blast until we meet again!

Sam Guydude

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