Am I Living in a Box? A Futile Attempt to Think Outside of the Box

If you want to be a modern human being, you have to develop an intimate relationship with something called a “computer.” A computer is a magical box that you spend many hours staring at while your fingers gently caress it. Some of this caressing may be supervised by a boss and can be labeled as “work.” Sometimes the boss gets angry, and you have to caress it in a different manner.

There are many pitfalls when it comes to boxes. One of them is failing to caress them correctly. If you start caressing yourself instead of the box, you are doing it wrong. It could indicate that you have discovered digitally conveyed human reproduction. It is extremely important that you are not located in something called an “open office environment” while making this discovery.

You can use the box for many other things than upsetting your boss. Many humans use it to communicate with other humans through something called “emails.” An email is a way of exchanging meaning and sense with speed. Humans have agreed that the latter is more important because it gives them time to write even more emails.

You may also encounter a term called “social media.” This is a confusing one because there is often nothing social about it. Social media describes a phenomenon of humans sitting in front of electronic boxes, staring at the same video of a cat in an analog cardboard box. Other humans may be located in the same building, also called an “apartment” or “house box,” laughing at dogs dancing salsa, but rarely will they leave their boxes and look at each other.

It’s funny though, because it’s usually considered cool to think outside of the box.

But who am I to judge?

I’m writing this on a box.

Inside a box.

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