People Who Make a Difference: Omar Alfonzo (Orufonzo)

Writing books can be a solitary affair. It’s impractical to be the only one who can kick themselves in the butt and summon the necessary energy to write every day. In fact, physically kicking oneself in the butt is quite challenging, but that’s a different story. In this series of articles, I want to focus on those wonderful moments when I haven’t been alone in my writing journey. Instead, I’ve been blessed with acquaintances who have found their way into my writing life, shedding new light on my daily experiences.

This time, it’s about Omar Alfonzo.

The Naive and Fantastic ‘80s

As you may have noticed by now, I love things from the ‘80s. Or rather: I love what the ‘80s do to me. I grew up in the ‘80s, before the internet and mobile phones, but just when video games became popular. I played arcade games at the local diner – especially Robocop. I was always with my friends. We watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and consumed oceans of chewing gum to collect all the stickers. I still have the first 50 stickers in the series, and they smell exactly as they did back then. Of childhood. Of nostalgia.

So yes, I’m somewhat colored by my own experiences, but even when I try to remove myself from the equation, I think ‘80s culture and aesthetics had something special about them. Something colorful and expressive, even though we had only a few bits to work with, both in terms of electronic music and computer graphics. Something that was incredibly easy to decode, which actually left more room for imagination. The same applied to the scripts for various movies and comics. They were very uncomplicated, and it was very easy to follow, but it made it twenty times easier to imagine being a superhero fighting all the evil.

In short, the ‘80s represent something naive to me. But also something fantastic. Proof that art can be elevated through limitations. Limited by bits, shapes, colors, and screen space, developers and musicians were forced to think creatively and challenge themselves to get their ideas across. And it created something extremely unique that everyone can recognize today, whether you’re an ‘80s child or not.

The Quest for Renewed ‘80s Nostalgia

Fortunately, the traditions live on. We haven’t said goodbye to the expressions mentioned above. There are talented people out there who, out of their own interest, spend half of their day creating pixel art and studying traditions – and challenging them. One of those people is Omar Alfonzo, who also goes by “Orufonzo.”

I got to know Omar through Fiverr. I had been on the hunt for a seller who could create some cool pixel art for my songs. My songs are inspired by ‘80s works and are written as themes for the Coolman series. I write the lyrics myself, but it’s a talented musician named Ryan who brings them to life. I thought the songs had turned out super cool and deserved some worthy music videos to accompany them.

But it wasn’t easy to find the right artist with the right expression. I searched many places on the internet until I finally came across Omar and reached out to him.

And from there, something happened that truly elevated my writing – and lifted me personally.

Communication is Everything

Communication is important. Especially when selling and buying a product. Good and clear communication – and, not least, service – can make a crucial difference in whether a buyer returns. Of course, it also works the other way: as a buyer, you also need to communicate what you want. Sometimes, communication flows smoothly, and you quickly understand each other. Other times, it takes a little more effort.

With Omar Alfonzo, communication played a significant role in elevating my entire writing endeavor.

I felt it right away. My cautious request for a music video for “The Bluest Steel” was met with tremendous enthusiasm. In a friendly tone, Omar began presenting his ideas, weighing my responses, and presenting even more. In a very short time, we had a complete understanding of the project, and I was left feeling infected by Omar’s enthusiasm.

It didn’t stop there. Omar started sending me drafts of his designs and ideas. And he continuously sent me video clips to gauge if we were on the right track. He did this throughout the entire process, each time with the same friendly energy. It felt like we were two entrepreneurs starting the company we had always dreamed of. I’m not kidding – that’s the experience I had along the way. And I know very few people who can infect others in that way – especially in writing!

The result was fabulous. Better than I could have dreamed of. But the wildest part was definitely the feeling it left me with. An enthusiasm that infected my writing and made me appreciate my own project even more.

Omar gave me energy!

Now I Know How He Did It

Since then, we have created even more music videos together – and Omar has designed merchandise for me. Every time, he delivers to perfection, and every time, he raises the bar. Omar is the world’s busiest person, and I’ve actually had to tell him to take care of – and believe in – himself. Because even though he is so talented, he is very humble.

We share the same interests, and it has developed into what I would call a really good friendship. We’ve written oceans of messages to each other and made each other wiser about many things. We trust each other. And I feel extremely lucky to have met a person like Omar. A lovely, good, and honest person.

And now, of course, I understand why Omar was so good at communicating and selling his product. It all came from within. Omar loves what he does, and he loves to inspire others.

It should be clear now that this is the warmest recommendation I can give. If you need someone to work magic with pixels, have a chat with Omar. And bring the best part of yourself to the conversation. Then there’s the potential for something amazing!

Find and support Omar Alfonzo:

Omar’s Fiverr Page

Omar’s Instagram profile

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