People Who Make a Difference: Piper Collins

Writing books can be a solitary affair. It’s impractical to be the only one who can kick themselves in the butt and summon the necessary energy to write every day. In fact, physically kicking oneself in the butt is quite challenging, but that’s a different story. In this series of articles, I want to focus on those wonderful moments when I haven’t been alone in my writing journey. Instead, I’ve been blessed with acquaintances who have found their way into my writing life, shedding new light on my daily experiences.

This time, it’s about Piper Collins.

A Beacon in the Storm

I’ve never quite grasped the world of social media. After several years of using various apps, I still have no idea about what I’m looking at or what the purpose is. Literally. I’m also unsure about what to share and whether I’m hyperactive enough to compete with flashy videos featuring meme sounds. I tend to seek out more complex and personal things when I’m online, but Google and Facebook have long aimed to inundate me with grandpa memes and clickbait articles. Everything must be concise, grab attention quickly, and be search engine optimized. I contribute 100% to this pollution when I post something on Instagram because I have no idea what the hell I’m doing.

Therefore, it was a huge surprise that I found one of the most genuine people I’ve encountered in a long time on . . . TikTok(!). A person who can do all the things I can’t: create personal, honest videos; be supportive and encouraging to others in the midst of the chaos; and overall, generate quality content.

Her name is Piper Collins, a fellow author who suddenly appeared in one of my posts and mentioned that she had subscribed to my newsletter. In itself, that’s not unusual, but I also signed up for her newsletter, where I have since experienced a plethora of friendly, honest messages and engaging texts. She bought one of my books, and I bought one of hers. It’s not uncommon for authors to help each other by reading each other’s works and offering support in that way, but it’s unusual to feel authenticity and kindness throughout the process, feeling like you’re getting to know the other person. For me, Piper was a much-needed breath of fresh air amidst the hustle and bustle.

You’ll find the same quality in Piper’s books, which fully reflect her personality—friendly, fun, and capable of putting you in a good mood. I’m currently reading the final pages of “Culture Shock,” and I have no doubt about who’s the author behind it.

A Human Power Source

When you encounter someone capable of all the above, you should hurry to follow along and hold on tight. There’s much to learn. Watching the things Piper does is genuinely energizing.

Just think about it. Someone manages to give energy to a hobbit like me on a platform I don’t understand at all. It’s incredible. And it’s worth sharing, so people know Piper exists and so she knows she’s doing a great job.

It’s the least I can do when I recharge my batteries with Piper energy without paying.

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